The TV Outcomes Company
EDO provides advertising leaders with predictive and historical behavioral engagement data — to know and predict the effectiveness of Convergent TV campaigns.
EDO is a leading platform for measuring the immediate impact of TV advertising — across linear and streaming. Modern marketers across brands and networks combine real-time TV engagement signals with world-class decision science, to maximize creative and media performance. EDO's investment-grade data aligns advertising investments to business results - with detailed competitive, category, historical, and predictive intelligence.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
EDO captures the moment when consumers shift from passive perception to active engagement — matching behavioral engagement signals with what they’re watching on TV.
Know Your Competitors Better Than They Do
Competitive TV data is delayed, and very rarely includes actual performance. EDO’s always on, syndicated data helps you understand your competitors TV performance — before they do.
Invest More in What Works
Optimize across linear and streaming TV for the smartest, most predictive indicator of sales and market share. Make on-the-fly optimizations with access to real-time data. Right message, right audience, right placement.
Our Client Partners
EDO partners across the entire ad ecosystem — leading marketing, research, and creative professionals from top brands, networks, agencies, and data partners — so they can confidently know what works in their TV and streaming campaigns.
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