AdExchanger: TV Data Company EDO Launches Solution To Make Linear TV Buys Smarter, More Accountable

“TV data science company EDO released an insights platform Thursday designed to help brands, agencies and broadcasters better plan linear TV campaigns and understand how effectively those campaigns drive search engagement.”

“In this way Ad EnGage helped fill a reporting and analytics void that’s common with linear TV. While digital channels provide a lot of data, national TV campaigns don’t – which is annoying since it can easily be 50% or more of the media mix.” –Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

Read about the launch of EDO’s Ad EnGage, the first user-directed TV ad insights platform, from Ryan Joe in AdExchanger. Hear from Canvas Worldwide’s Kristi Lind and EDO’s own Kevin Krim about how Ad EnGage is helping our clients generate greater value and impact from their TV advertising.